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Address List Showing Past Sales of Single Family Homes

935 North Whittier Avenue9412 Kirkside Drive949 Las Lomas Avenue9555 Kirkside Drive9111 Olin Street626 North Sierra Drive659 Kingman Avenue713 North Beverly Drive727 Thayer Avenue820 Milwood Avenue841 North Beverly Glen Boulevard8810 Rosewood Avenue8842 Saturn Street3939 Scandia Way4057 Berryman Avenue410 N Alfred Street4443 Vanceboro Court5011 Serena Circle503 North Camden Avenue524 North Vista Street2911 Virginia Street2931 Woodwardia Drive309 South El Camino Drive3183 Laurel Canyon Drive319 South La Peer Drive3204 Ledgewood Drive3215 Pearl Street3451 Mandeville Canyon3642 Mclaughlin Avenue3757 Stewart Avenue2532 Midvale Avenue2718 Kelton Avenue2779 Woodwardia Drive2793 Woodwardia Drive2844 Bottebrush Drive2844 Bottlebrush Drive2901 Bottlebrush Drive243 15th Street2445 Banyan Drive2478 Roscomare Road2510 Purdue Avenue2238 Midvale Avenue224 North Barrington Avenue2249 Veteran Avenue2256 Roscomare Road2260 Pelham Avenue2266 Malcolm Avenue2308 Castle Heights Avenue2311 Pearl Street233 South Crescent Drive2356 Malcolm Avenue2009 Roadrunner Avenue2011 South Bedford Street2091 Kerwood Avenue2111 Selby Avenue2114 Selby Avenue2115 Malcolm Avenue2139 Prosser Avenue2153 Prosser Avenue2154 Benecia Avenue223 South Roxbury Drive16715 Monte Alto Place16751 Via Pacifica16776 Via La Costa17 19th Street20 20th Court17020 Livorno Drive1709 Club View Drive17420 Vereda De La Montura1900 Benedict Canyon Drive1939 Roscomore Road1983 N Normandie Avenue13001 Brentwood Terrace131 South Citrus Avenue1351 North Seward Street155 North Arnaz Drive1555 Michael Lane157 Ashdale Place1581 Michael Lane160 North Thurston Avenue16200 Shadow Mountain Drive1627 Holt Avenue16658 Adlon Road1220 Castello Place12320 21st Helena Drive12365 Ridge Circle124 S Willaman Avenue12415 Winding Branch1251 Tower Grove Drive1256 Monaco Drive1257 Piedra Morada Drive1272 Fernbush Lane10761 Richland Avenue10943 Ocean Drive1106 Embury Street1120 El Medio Avenue11351 Gladwin Street11800 Bel Terrace11805 Bellagio Road11805 Henley Lane11980 Pinnacle Place1210 Castello Place10438 Lindbrook Avenue1044 South Point View10503 Woodfield Court10551 Rochester Avenue10568 Blythe Avenue10620 Le Conte Avenue10625 Butterfield Court10625 Levico Way10648 Esther Avenue10724 Le Conte Avenue10748 Ashton Avenue8611 Burton Way1011 Summit Drive10116 Hillgrove Drive1023 Hartzell Street1025 South Point View Street10388 Llona Avenue10418 Windtree Road
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